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We at Armour strive for innovation and consider it as an Asset. We focus on innovation in all the areas of business from design to erection. The ideal example of an innovative capability is the steel roofings for Codissia Trade Fair Complex which is recorded in the Limca book of record as Asia's largest Pillar free complex at Coimbatore.


We adhere to stringent norms for design, procure material and weld as per standards in order to maintain the quality of products and designs without compromising the cost. We conduct NDT Test like Die Penetrate Tests on regular basis to ensure & monitor the quality of the weld. The state-of-the-art Armour plant at Salem is ISO 9001 Certified. The endurance of time tested 400 building we have had constructed is the ideal example besides highly satisfied repeat customers we depend upon for our growth.


Armour able to achieve cost effective solution without compromising quality and stability by employing best practices in Inventory and Raw Material Purchase moderated with strategic location. Armour's state of the art software enables the engineers to design cost effective solutions for industrial use buildings with large clear spans, cranes, and mezzanines.We reduce your capital expenditure so that you can divert your saving to meet Plant & Machinery purchase expenses.


The Two decades of business experience in Pre-Engineered Building made Armour acquire capability in Design, Purchase, Manufacturing, and Erection and project execution expertise.  The rigorous and painful multi-domain expertise gained over two decades enables Armour to the package of industry oriented expert consultation and an end to end solution that amateur early starts up PEB solution providers can’t.

The ideal example to show case our experience is Salem Steel Plant expansion (steel melt shop) project.  It is a single largest project building with 100 MT EOT Crane & allied works which consist of 12000 MT structural steel project. It is a jewel in the crown among 500 hundred projects we have had executed till today.

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Armour steels brand of products are produced at state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified green field manufacturing unit is equipped with sophisticated and modern machinery located strategically in Salem, Tamilnadu. The plant spread over 2.50 Lacs Sq.ft of areas with convenient transportation and having the covered shed of 50,000 Sq.ft area. To meet our growth plans, Armour has recently expanded the production line capacity to 1600 metric tons per month, which is approximately 4 lakhs square feet area. This available capacity provides us the agility to supply materials on schedule over our competitors.

The Armour plant follows at streamlined manufacturing process with high levels of quality control to ensure speedy and efficient production of strong and 100% defect -free steel frames. The plant is equipped with sophisticated CNC-enabled European & Chinese manufacturing equipment to like:

CNC Plasma Cutting Lines, Automatic H Beam Welding Lines, Cold Roll Forming Machines for Roofing and Cladding Sheets, Cold Roll Forming Machines for “C, Z & Sigma” Purlins, Automatic Shotblasting and Compressor for painting.

World-class nesting software for the accurate and optimized section from the steel plates, Oxygen shield air plasma for error-free and ready-to-weld edges.


  • Very high precision plasma cutting.
  • High mechanical accuracy to /- 0.1 mm
  • Axis positioning speed of 12 meters/min
  • X and 11 axis travel on precision double “V” linear guides.
  • Windows based CNC unit.
  • Fast and accurate positioning with brushless ac servo motors.
  • The long axis is dual synchronized.
  • Strong integrated cutting table io supports heavy loads.
  • Crash protected magnetic mount for the plasma torch head.
  • Quick response AVC automatic torch height control.
  • Automatic nesting software.
  • Unitary design allows fast and easy installation if required machine Can be readily moved around workshop to suit changing workloads.


The main feature of this welding is that – The weld and the arc area is protected from environmental contamination by the application of a granular flux which is fusible. The weld pool is protected by a blanket of flux. So that area is actually submerged under that flux. When the temperature rises and molten the flux becomes conductive. And thus this creates a path for electron flow between electrode and work piece. SAW or Submerged Arc welding can be done by manual procedure or automatic process. But it can be done by the semi-automatic process where welding gun is hold by hand.


  • The joining of pressure vessels such as boilers.
  • Many structural shapes, earth moving equipment, pipes.
  • Railroad construction, locomotives and ship building.
  • Repairing machine parts.


  • This welding process has high deposit rate. Almost 45kg/h can be deposited.
  • In mechanized applications.
  • Very little welding fume is seen.
  • No edge preparation is needed.
  • This process is applicable indoor as well as outdoor.
  • No chance of weld spatter as it is submerged in a flux blanket.


We use shot blasting machine for removing rust from steel, primary steel is cleaned to specification ST2. One coat of shop primer red oxide zine chromate is applied. We also provide two coat of enamel paint on the site. Electrodes and other consumables followed as per IS Codes.