MD’s Message

My warm Greetings, welcome to Armour Steel Buildings.

Architecture and construction have been deep rooted in our Indian culture. And it is evident from the time-tested temples, forts, and dams. But somewhere in the past centuries, the legacy was lost and we got struck with mundane buildings.

In the meantime, rest of the world including small countries have quickly evolved with innovative building techniques that elevated the visual image of their country.

It is our responsibility to build our nation’s visual image. Construction is not just a place to provide shelter but a thing of beauty to talk the glory of people for centuries to come. We at armour steel building share the responsibility to make our country look smarter and elegant by providing innovative, modern, aesthetically appealed steel buildings.

A day not so far from the distant future will come where the citizens of foreign nations will be amazed at our buildings when they plan to take a travel on our highway.

Together we can build a stunning nation, with the grip of steel as a bond, to make the country proud.

Warm regards,