Canopies are cantilever roof systems from side and end wall below the eve of the building provides various functions

  • Extended covering to prevent entering rain water in door and roll up shutters opening areas.
  • To provide shade and block direct sun light falling on the openings
  • A cover at the entrance of the building or for car & truck packing adjutant to building the wall.

The standard Armour canopy consist of the built-up tapered rafter, cantilevered (Max 6m) from main frame column or from end wall column. Rafter supports cold form purlins which in turn support roof panel soffit panel. The canopy may extend along the full or partial length or door opening of the side wall.
Normally canopies are supplied with roof panels that match the panel of the main building where there are attached. Liner panel at the underside of the canopy purlins and flashings are used where neat and elegant flush appearance is required.


When fascia is incorporated in a pre-engineered steel building it enhances the appearances of a building and transforms it from an ordinary looking shed into an attractive building. Looks do matter, right?

Standard Fascias

Parapet fascia

The parapet fascias are extensions of building walls in such a way to cover the triangular shape gable wall, eve end gutter, wall and project a rectangular solid flat roof apprearance.

Side wall

Vertical fascia

Vertical fascia are most commonly used facia. It project from the building and give image of strenght,a bold bulky appearance and smoother liner edges. This fascia will be provided with soffit to get neat flush finish, the standard projection of fascia is 600mm, wider projection are also common and the height is variable and is determined mainly by roof slope from eave line to the ridge line.

Curved fascia

Due to its rounded sculptured corner and edges project a smooth and tranquil appearance.