Advantages of Pre Engineered Buildings


  • Material cost can be saved up to 30%by using tapered built up members and cold formed sections.
  • Foundation cost optimized to the maximum.


  • Design and connections stability is ensured by the latest software’s& codes.
  • Automated fabrication process along with continuous welding ensures superior quality and durability of the product.
  • Welding, Surface Preparation & Painting is done in the closed environment to prevent external impurities, never compromise on quality to the customer.
  • High strength plates & Cold formed sections to achieve maximum strength with minimal structural weight.


  • Longer column spacing’s that minimizes the number of foundations.
  • While the foundation is cast, the structural materials will be ready wasting no time in the process.
  • Bolted connections are employed for quick and stronger connections of the beams.
  • Fabrications will not be done on-site; fabricated materials will be used for a quicker completion.


  • Larger, clear spans of up to 100m facilitate that will keep all the operations under the same roof.
  • Maximum column spacing of up to 12.5m allows easy work flow process& flexibility in machinery layout.
  • Expanding in the future will never be an easy problem with the pre-engineered buildings.


The appearance of the building is greatly enhanced by the Aesthetic Features such as:

  • A variety of color coated sheets.
  • Fascia, Parapets, & Curved eaves.
  • Flashings and trims to offer multiple shapes & Colors.
  • Wide range of side walls like metal sheets, block walls, glazing etc.,


  • Virtually no maintenance required for structures & panels.
  • Only periodic cleaning required for roofing and gutters.
  • No screws on the Standing Seam Roof System ensures 100% water tight building.


  • Single source responsibility from design to completion.
  • Energy efficient building through the usage of Daylight panels & Insulation.
  • Steel can be reused after the structure is dismantled hence more salvage value through repetitive use.