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Purlins & girts are used to support roof and wall sheeting as a secondary structural framing, Armour purlin section are manufactured by cold forming process from hot dipped pre-galvanized steel coils having a minimum yield strength of 345 mpa and will confirm to physical specification of ASTM 572 (gr 50) or ASTM A653( Grade 50) Or IS 277 or Equivalent.

Armour range of section includes C, Z, Sigma which is produced from fully automatic roll forming machine and can be supplied in any varying depth and flange with pre-punched holes, along with cleats and sleeves.

Z 150 – 300mm 50-80 mm 1.5 – 3 345 MPA PRE GALVANIZED 120 – 275 GSM BY CLEAT BY OVERLAPPING 6 TO 9M
C 150 – 300mm 50-80 mm 1.5 – 3 345 MPA PRE GALVANIZED 120 – 275 GSM BY CLEAT BY SLEEVE 6 TO 9M
SIGMA 150 TO 300mm 50-80 mm 1.5 – 3 345 MPA PRE GALVANIZED 120 – 275 GSM BY CLEAT BY SLEEVE 9 TO 12.5M

Z section

One broad and narrow flange allow the two section to fit together making them suitable for lapping and provides two thickness of material over the interior support where the Bending moments and shear are most critical, resulting in increased load capacity and rigidity


The sigma purlins are most economical, light weight secondary support system for roof and wall. This shape provides an efficient strong profile, excellent strength – to – weight ratio ant high lateral stiffeners.

C purlins

C- Section: – Have Equal Flange May Be Used In Single Span and Lapped Continuous Span by Sleeves


  • Suitable / ideal for longer span up to 15 M
  • High lateral strength
  • Require less anti sag rods or no sag rod for short span
  • Simple & speedy erection
  • More column free space enhance utility of the building
  • Facilitate / allow flexibility in flow process / machinery layout


Armour Hi – RibM

Armour Hi – Rib trapezoidal panels are manufactured from zinc (43.5 %), aluminum (55%), and silicon (1.5 %) alloy coated high tensile steel coils Confirms to physical specification of ASTM A792 Panels are supplied in colorless galvalume/zinc alum and pre-painted galvalume finishes.

Profile Yield strength Overall width Effective width Thickness Supply length Coating Application Fixing method
Armour Hi – Rib 550 Mpa 1060 mm 1000 mm 0.47,0.5 Up to 12.5 M AZ 150 Roof/wall cladding Piercing/screw down system


  • Unique anti – capillary grove ensures leak proof
  • Lower valley / closer pitch ensure high strength
  • Longer spanning capability up to 12.5 M
  • High strength of up to  550 Mpa YS
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Superior Technology
  • Durability
  • Safety

Armour Standing Seam Panel System (ASS 475 (REFER MANI))

Armour 360° double lock standing seam profiles a screwless roofing system which is alternate to conventional piercing roof system to eliminate the risk of leakage at screws, side and end laps. Trapezoid standing seam roof panel is formed at a site to the required length to cover from ridge to eave. The steel clips are fixed to roof purlins by screws and the panels along with clips are field seamed by the electric seaming machine to obtain 360° double lock seam.


    • Sheets far beyond transportable lengths are manufactured by site roll forming
    • The puncture free roof system eleminates the risk of corrosion and leakage through fastener holes.
    • The deeper valley allows  drainage during heavy rains.
    • Maintanance free for many years.
    • Machince seaming leak proof side laps.
    • 100% leak proof in side lap is ensured by machince seaming
    • High strenght due to high profile depth and intermediate ribs.
    • Purlin spacing of more than 2 meter is possible due excellante geomentrical proporties.

Jointless single sheet  eleminates water ingress in end laps