Steel Building Vs Concrete Building

1 Fabrication Precise fabrication: Members fabricated in a controlled environment and up to 50% savings in fabrication time on site Fabrication is done on site: Requires building the reinforcement cage and shuttering work prior to pouring
2 Delivery and Logistics Can be delivered in the desired sequence anywhere in the world Might have to build the batch plant on the site if site is secluded or huge.
3 Installation Time 50% saving in construction time. Fast installation with no idle time. Slow and time-consuming: The contractor will have to wait for the previous cast to harden (14 – 28 Days) before being able to cast next batch
4 Quality Quality of steel is guaranteed because:

  • It is a homogeneous product
  • Pieces are tailored according to shop drawings
  • Precise machinery is used for fabrication
  • It is fabricated under shop control
  • Quality is not affected by weather conditions
Many factors lead to quality deterioration

  • Concrete is not a homogeneous product
  • Concrete mix ingredient ratios are difficult to maintain.
  • The quality of water used may vary.
  • Weather conditions
  • Labour experience in pouring.
  • Adequate use of vibrators.
  • Using proper curing methods.
  • Concrete shrinkage.
  • High manpower count may weaken control
5 Cost Savings of 10% – 15% for large span steel building. Construction cost is high at site
6 Industrial Applications Saving on maintenance cost: Can easily handle equipment such as multiple cranes within the building. Sways can be controlled. Precision can be achieved during installation. Heavy equipment usage such as cranes is limited.
7 Commercial & Infrastructure Applications Better aesthetics and longer spans can be achieved using steel as a building component. Limited designs are possible with concrete.
8 Salvage Steel building can be dismantled and re-install anywhere.
Steel can be re-use even the structural dismantle.
Cannot be dismantle and re-used incurred huge cost for demolishing and debris.